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An element selector selects an element and is also known as a tag selector. See Selector - Tag (Element selector)

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How to select elements based on attribute ? (with the css selector API)

How to select elements based on attribute ? (with the selector API , css) API This page is about selector expressions that select elements based on attribute. * An ID selector and a class selector...
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Selector API - ID (Unique Identifier) attribute

The ID selector is a selector that match the elements with the given ID attribute Normally, an ID can be used only once each in a document but if it's not the case, the selectors will still return all...
Chrome Devtool Selector
What is the asterisk selector (known as Universal Selector)

The universal selector is the star character. (002aasterisk U+002A It permits to select all type of tag element. The selection matchs any tag name. All descendant elements of the body that have a...

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