Selector - Tree Selectors (Pseudo Class)

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Tree Pseudo Class are pseudo class that permits to select element of the tree


  • :empty,
  • :blank,
  • …child,
  • of-type

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A child selector is a selector that select child element in the DOM childdescendantdescendant selector A child selector matches when an element is the child of some element. A child selector is made...
Chrome Devtool Selector
Selector - Pseudo Class

A pseudo-class is a keyword added to operator that specifies a special state of the element to be selected. Logical Pseudo-class (:matches, :not, :has ) Tree Pseudo-class (:root, :empty, :blank,...
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Selector API - Root

The :root tree pseudo-element selects the Root of all blocks in the page If the document is an HTML document, the root is the HTML element HTML HTML root element

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