Css - Rule (Set|Declaration)

1 - About

In a CSS file, your write several rules to define your presentation.

A rule set (also called “rule”) consists of:

3 - Syntax

selectorList { 
         property: value; 
         [more property:value; pairs] 


  • selectorList

selector[:pseudo-class] [::pseudo-element] [, more selectorlists]

4 - Example

The CSS rule

h1 { 
    color: red;
    font: Consolas;



<h1>This text will be red with the font Consolas</h1>

The result

5 - Property Order

The property may be laid out in any order but from a reading perspective, there is properties that are more important than other.

The code guide proposes an order by type of property:

  • Positioning comes first because it can remove an element from the normal flow of the document and override box model related styles.
  • The box model comes next as it dictates a component's dimensions and placement.
  • Everything else takes place inside the component or without impacting the previous two sections, and thus they come last.

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