Css - text-decoration-line property

1 - About

text-decoration-line defines the line decorations property

3 - Values

Accepts none, or one or more whitespace separated values:

  • none: Produces no text decoration.
  • underline: Each line of text is underlined. Underline decorations are positioned under the text,
  • overline. Each line of text has a line above it. overline decorations are positioned above the text
  • line-through: line-through decorations are positioned through the middle of the text. Each line of text has a line through the middle.

4 - Example

.textUnderline {
.textOverline {
.textLineThrough {

<p class="textUnderline">text Underlined</p>
<p class="textOverline">text Overlined</p>
<p class="textLineThrough">text with a line through</p>

5 - Documentation / Reference

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