Browser - Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)



Asynchronous Javascript and XML (Ajax) is just a name umbrella to talk about a technology that retrieve data from a server asynchronously.

The term Ajax has evolved to accept request transporting other data than XML such as JSON text or dead plain text

Every Ajax call is using:

In 1998, the Microsoft Outlook team invented the XMLHttpRequest and, the year after, snuck it into Internet Explorer 5.0. All the browsers followed and the era of AJAX was born.



In the Browser devtool, you can see the request.

Example with Chrome.

Chrome Devtool Xhr Fetch Request



Web API Fetch

Browser - Web API - Fetch function

Web Api XHR

Browser - XMLHttpRequest (XHR) API



Jquery example.

  url: "/doc/api/weather",
  data: {
    zipcode: 2343
  success: function( result ) {
    $( "#weather-temp" ).html( "<strong>" + result + "</strong> degrees" );
  • The HTML
The temperature is <span id="weather-temp"></span>


See also: Pjax that supports browsing history with Ajax call.


Super Agent


React Class Component - Fetch (Ajax)


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