Browser - Javascript - (Web) Console

1 - About

The Web Console is a shell embedded in the browser part of the devtool that can:
  • interpret a single line of code at a time REPL
  • and then interact with the page and execute JavaScript.

See also: Javascript - (Firefox) Scratchpad

  • You can add message to the console through Console logging. The console keep a record of every message posted to it on any given page until the page is closed, navigated away from, or refreshed.
  • Each message has a link to the file name with the line number you can navigate to.
The console is implemented as a function of window and its qualified name is window.console.

3 - Browser

3.1 - Firefox

Web Console > Console Message.

Css Reflow event.

3.2 - Chrome

The Chrome DevTools Console panel is your focal point for direct interaction with a page in real time.

Ctrl + Shift + J or Esc in any other dev tool tab (It opens the Console Drawer)

By default, logging and error output from frames or extensions contained within a page will not be output to the Console. An iframe element, for example, would create its own frame context, selectable from the dropdown menu at the top of the console

4 - Documentation / Reference

  • Chrome: go to View > Developer > JavaScript Console (guide)
  • FireFox: go to Tools > Web Developer > Web Console (guide)
  • IE11: go to Tools > Developer Tools > Console icon (guide)
  • Safari: turn on the Develop menu: Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar go to Develop > Show Web Inspector (guide)

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