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Goal: being interactive in under 5 seconds

Mobile web speeds matter.

One of the most important and basic metric that defines the performance of a website is Page Load time (perceived vs actual).

Pick a measurement tool (like Rigor, Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights) and stick with it. Trends are more important than exact numbers.

3 - Load Time

There are two numbers representing two different approaches how to measure the page load time:

  • 298ms. the load event (the red line) was fired in 298ms.
  • 343ms. The total elapsed time (from beginning of the first request till the end of the second/last request) is 343ms

The DOMContentLoaded event is the blue line.

HTTP request phase:

  • DNS Lookup: DNS resolution time
  • Connecting: Elapsed time required to create a TCP connection.
  • Blocking: Elapsed time spent in a browser queue waiting for a network connection. Displayed only in the case where this situation happens (see also this post). <note tip>Each browser has a limit for number of simultaneous connections to the same server when downloading a page. If the limit is reached, other resources have to wait in an internal browser queue till a connection is released. </note>
  • Sending: Time needed to send request data to the server.
  • Waiting: Waiting for the response (till the first byte is received from the server).
  • Receiving: Time necessary to download response body.

4 - Load performance Metrics

Load performance audits look at:

  • First meaningful paint (when is the main content of the page visible)
  • Speed Index (visual completeness)
  • Estimated Input Latency (when is the main thread available to immediately handle user input)
  • Time To Interactive (TTI) (how soon is the app usable & engagable). A time measure of when layout has stabilized, web fonts are visible and the main thread is available enough to handle user input.

5 - Metrics

  • Under representative network (3G) & hardware conditions
  • Be interactive in < 5s on first visit & < 2s on repeat visits once a Service Worker is active.
  • First load (network-bound), Speed Index of 3,000 or less
  • Second load (disk-bound because SW): Speed Index of 1,000 or less.
  • Time to First Paint (TTFP)
  • Time to First Contentful Paint (TTFCP)
  • Time to First Meaningful Paint (TTFMP)

In Chrome:

  • DOMContentLoaded: blue line. The resources at the left or touching the blue line are blocking the DOM. They are known as render blocking resources.
  • total load time: red line

6 - Load Performance Model

7 - Measuring tool

8 - Cache

9 - Others

10 - By country

Average speed of mobile internet. (Mbps) - (SpeedTest)

  • 1. Iceland: 72.5
  • 2. Norway: 67.8
  • 3. Qatar: 60.3
  • 4. Canada: 59.6
  • 6. Australia: 55.7
  • 28. France: 38.7
  • 33. Turkey: 34.7
  • 41. US: 31.2
  • 49. China: 28.9
  • 52. UK: 28.3
  • 54. Saudi: 27.1
  • 70. Brazil: 20.5
  • 77. Russia: 18.4
  • 111. India: 9.9

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