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The browser cache is the cache mechanism of the browser to cache a resource previously fetched from a web server.

It's the last cache level of the HTTP cache chain. For general HTTP cache mechanism, see HTTP - Cache (Cache-Control Header, Bursting, )



The cache key is the identifier used to retrieve the resource in the cache.

Basically, it was the resource url but due to security concern, the cache key tends to be:

Note: When the resource requested is from the top-level -frame:

  • the top-level site
  • the current-frame site

are the same.

For example, a user navigate to

the cache key consists then of:


Check that the request comes from the browser cache

When a HTTP request is served from the local browser cache, the request has a 304 - not modified status.

Clear the Browser Cache



  • Menu > Options > Options

For one page:

  • Shortcut: Reload: F5 or Ctrl + R
  • Reload (override cache): Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R

Internet Explorer

  • Menu > Tools > Preferences

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