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autogenerated JavaScript (language strings, config settings, toolbar) lib/scripts/*.js lib/plugins/*/script.js lib/tpl//script.js
  • conf/userscript.js
Plugin !!!The script file is named script.js at the root directory of the plugin. If this file is an include as in the move plugin, be sure to touch this file when one of the scripts has been updated to refresh caching.
As the cache check the date of this file.
jQuery(function() {
    /* DOKUWIKI:include script/form.js */
    /* DOKUWIKI:include script/progress.js */
    /* DOKUWIKI:include script/tree.js */
    /* DOKUWIKI:include script/rename.js */
    /* DOKUWIKI:include script/admin_list.js */
Css to suppress the browser cache because browsers cache stylesheets even when new versions are available.
Images cachingLocal Server:
External Server with the cachetime config option
Turn off “Compact CSS and JavaScript files” while developing a template
clearstatcache file status cache

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Card Puncher Data Processing

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