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Extra information over the search index of Dokuwiki



One page per line where the line number (starting from 0) is the internal index id of the page.


  • The page wiki:name has the id 31. (-1 because of the array index that starts from 0)
line 32: wiki:name
  • The file relation_references_i.idx and relation_references_w.idx should have the same number of lines


relation_references_w contains the words of the links (ie the links)


line 70:  id:redirect  #   ''dokuwiki id'' for an internal link
line 71: # For an interwiki such as [[doku>]] 


relation_references_i contains the pages where the link (word) is located.

Example: The link word on the line 70 of the file relation_references_w (ie id:redirect) are present in the page 62 and 63

line 70:  62*1:63*1

You can find the page on the line number 63 and 64 page.idx (because an array begins to 0)

line 63: url:redirect
line 64: url:direct

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