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A metadata is a renderer type (parsing mode) that is used to create metadata.



Internally DokuWiki maintains two arrays of metadata

  • current (current metadata should only be set in the context of the renderer as it will be overwritten the next time metadata is rendered)
  • persistent. (The persistent array holds duplicates of those key/values which should not be cleared during the rendering process.)

If you want to create logic that persists:

  • only in the scope of a session (example, add a library at the end of a template if a syntax is present): use current
  • for all scope that is data dependent: use persistent



Metadata: The metadata rendering is only started by the p_get_metadata() and p_set_metadata().

with the render option possible values:

  • METADATA_RENDER_UNLIMITED (also combined with the previous two options),




  • renderer→meta


global $ID
    array($key => $value),
    $render = false,
    $persistent = true

Event - Signalled by p_render_metadata() in inc/parserutils.php before instantiating the metadata renderer.


To get persistent metadata

To get volatile meta:

  • renderer→meta


Metadata update happens asynchronously via the taskrunner

The task runner is located in lib/exe/taskrunner.php and is included as hidden image by the tpl_indexerWebBug() function.

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