Interactive Programming - REPL read-eval-print loop execution paradigm

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Interactive Programming - REPL “read-eval-print loop” execution paradigm


REPL (an acronym for “read-eval-print loop”) is a execution paradigm implemented in a command line interpreter that:

  • reads what you type (i.e.
  • evaluates it,
  • and prints the result if any.

A REPL console is a synonym for a command line interpreter.



  • Prompt the user for some code,
  • When they’ve entered it, execute it in the same process.
while True:
    code = input(">>> ")

it’s much more complex, because it has to deal with:

  • multi-line code,
  • tab completion (using readline for instance),
  • magic commands,
  • and so on.






Documentation / Reference

Source Example

Base docker image


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