Web - Application

1 - About

A web application is a hierarchical set of folders containing scripts.

These folders are structured according to the standard specified by the application server where the application is deployed and executed.

3 - Example

3.1 - Java

3.2 - HTML, CSS, JS (Front end)

A production application will:

  • minify and merge the HTML, CSS, JS files
  • and optimise files like images.

See Web - Build (Tool)

4 - Types

Web applications are of the following types:

  • Presentation-oriented: A presentation-oriented web application generates interactive web pages containing various types of markup language (HTML, XHTML, XML, and so on) and dynamic content in response to requests.
  • Service-oriented: A service-oriented web application implements the endpoint of a web service. Presentation-oriented applications are often clients of service-oriented web applications.

5 - Platform

Data Science
Data Analysis
Data Science
Linear Algebra Mathematics

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