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A application server is a web server that manage the server-side scripts by an unit called a web applications.

An application server is a platform which support, manage and run many applications.

For the developers, it provides a set of common components that you will find in any applications development. They implement services like:

  • clustering,
  • fail-over,
  • security,
  • and load-balancing.

The software developers:

  • don't need to develop this components
  • can be focused just on implementing the business logic.
  • access this services through an API

And Thin-client multi-tiered applications word then easier to write because they don't need to think about

  • handling transaction
  • multi-threading,
  • resource pooling …

The term application server took on the meaning of web applications, but has since evolved into more of a comprehensive service layer.

Type of Application Server

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