Progressive Web Application (PWA)


A Progressive Web Application (PWA) 1) is a regular website that take advantage of modern browser functionality to augment the web experience progressively until you get a native look and feel application.

Its name comes from the context of progressive enhancement where the idea is to start small and then add up progressively functionalities.

A progressive web application can be made of:

A Progressive Web Apps run in a standalone window instead of a browser tab.

Where you host a static web site, you can host also a PWA.

With Javascript, Progressive Web Application (PWA) would take advantage of platform features like:

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lighthouse - a tool for auditing an app for PWA features and checking your app meets a respectable bar for web performance under emulated mobile conditions.


  • insin/react-hn -  a HackerNews client with server-side rendering & offline support. 11KB gzipped for the app bundle and 107KB for the vendor/React/libraries bundle
  • iFixit -  a hardware repair guide built with React but which uses Redux for state management.



You can use a headless browser to generate a page and serve it to a robot in order to get a better SEO


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