Color names in the web (html, css, svg)


In the web (ie HTML, CSS and SVG),


Some color have also a name.

The names are not:

  • evenly distributed throughout the sRGB color volume,
  • even internally consistent ( darkgray is lighter than gray, while lightpink is darker than pink),

and some names (such as indianred, which was originally named after a red pigment from India), have been found to be offensive.

Below is an extract. For the whole list, see the CSS Color name specification

Keyword Numerical RGB (in hexa form)
aqua #00ffff
black #000000
blue #0000ff
fuchsia #ff00ff
gray #808080
green #008000
lime #00ff00
maroon #800000
navy #000080
olive #808000
orange #ffA500
purple #800080
red #ff0000
silver #c0c0c0
teal #008080
white (white ;-)) #ffffff
yellow #ffff00

The named color of HTML are just the CSS Color name which is a superset of Svg Color name

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