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A web site is a web application hosted on a web server that shows a collection of web page.


The type of website is based on how the web page are created:

Map Visualization

See crawlsite.js


Rank, Category,…


How to see the category:

Website listing by category:


The safest way to buy/sell a website is through a reputable broker.


  • escrow.com to secure the money



A website valuation is based on:

  • the Business Age. For instance, with only 2 Months, you needs more track record.
  • the number of hours worked to maintain the business - does it scale ? buyers are not looking to purchase a job but rather a leveraged asset they can scale up.
  • Net Earnings Per Hours Worked- to see if you can build a solid team
  • Monthly Unique Visits - to calculate traction and attention with your traffic.
  • Net Earning per Unique Visit - this metrics is used to see if visitor are interested in what you’re offering.
  • Number of Email Subscribers
  • Net Earning per Email Subscriber
  • Number of Social Media Channels
  • Total Social Media Followers
  • Average Monthly Revenue
  • Average Monthly Expenses
  • Monthly Net Profit
  • Profit Margin


with File Transfer - Wget

wget -r --no-parent -m -p -E -k http://example.com/sub/




How to move a web site (ie change the address)

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