Google Analytics (ga)

1 - About

(Web|Mobile|App) - Analytics (Clickstreams) from Google

ga() is tracking snippet. It's implemented as a javascript global function known as the command queue

3 - Error handling

If the ga() command queue receives a command it doesn't recognize, it simply ignores it, making calls to the ga() function very safe, as they will almost never result in an error.

4 - Management

4.1 - Create a tracker

4.2 - Client Id

If a cookie does not exist for the specified domain, a client ID is generated and stored in the cookie

4.3 - Command

4.4 - Test / Debugging

5 - Plugin

  • Autotrack Plugin with outboundLinkTracker - Automatically tracks link clicks to external domains.

6 - Structure

In google analytics, an Organization has several account:

  • that have several Properties (web site)
  • that may be composed of several Views

When you associate a site with a property, clicking a link to Google Analytics from Search Console will take you to that property’s default view.

Hierarchy of organizations, accounts, users, properties, and views

7 - Documentation / Reference

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