Google analytics - Measurement Protocol

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Application Analytics - Measurement Protocol in Google analytics.

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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A periodic process will process the raw data event to load them into a SQL database. When data is loaded: the data is inserted and updated the schema is adjusted Data are broken down into tables...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Application Analytics - Measurement Protocol

The measurement protocol defines the communication protocol (ie how and what) that is used between the tracker and the collector. It has generally two parts: The transport – to where and how you...
Card Puncher Data Processing
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in Google analytics Tracker objects (also known as “trackers”) are objects that can collect and store data and then send that data to Google Analytics. doc...
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id The unique ID of the page or screen call itself received_at When the page or screen call was received sent_at When the page or screen call was triggered by the user a collaborative recommandation...

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