Ad - (Publisher) Revenue (Monetization)

1 - About

revenue section in advertising Online publishers typically generate revenue by placing advertisements

A website and other digital environments like mobile app and video channels earn revenue when ads fill those ad spaces (inventory) and users see them.

3 - Type

4 - Indicator

Indicator Description
RPM Google Adsense uses RPM (Revenue Per Mile)
EPMV Earnings per thousand visitors or Session RPM

5 - CPM / CPC

Example of price:

$1.55 $8.64
$1.75 $1.88

6 - Baseline Revenue

  • $50 for 100 000 impressions, you got a CPM of 0,5.
  • $20 per thousand visitors by month (RPM)

7 - Analytics

7.1 - Ads by page

This information is the kind of information that you can find on marketing content from advertiser. They just shows that there is a relation between the number of ads by page and the revenue.

Maximum ads by page Revenue Decrease
5 8%
4 11%
3 30%
2 54%
1 72%

The number of ads by page is highly correlated to the content that you shows (ie the word count), The more content, the more space.

7.2 - Content length

  • highest-earning content length - 750-1000 words (source)

7.3 - Time on page

More time on page, more earning

7.4 - Category

Price are really category related, the ads for an expensive product are generally higher than for a lower one.

Website Category on a index of 1 to 100 for the revenue for 1000 visits Source

8 - Tip

The minimal threshold to qualify to sell your website on a marketplace is an average net profit of $500 per month.

9 - Share

The revenue is generally shared at a ratio that is called the revenue share

The revenue can be shared:

Data Science
Data Analysis
Data Science
Linear Algebra Mathematics

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