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The physical location of an ad unit on a page is called a slot.

The best location are a balance between user experience and revenue (ie where the user will expect the ads)

The tracking of attention via the eye gives you insight on the best location.

On a web page, it's physically a div element.


  • premium slots: top of homepages


  • Sidebar Middle
  • Sidebar Bottom
  • Sidebar Floating
  • Top Of Page
  • Under Page Title
  • Under First Paragraph
  • Under Second Paragraph
  • Bottom Of Page
  • In-Content 1
  • In-Content 2
  • In-Content 3
  • In-Content 4
  • In-Content 6
  • In-Content 7
  • In-Content 8
  • In-Content 9

Ad Slot

  • Anchor (pop-up located at a fix location (bottom, top, corner)

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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