Ad - Advertiser

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A person, organization or company that places free or paid promotions of a specific product, service or event in a public medium to attract potential new or repeat customers.

The following party may fulfill this role:

Programmatically, an advertiser is a ad network of the direct type

List of advertiser

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Ad - Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange is an auction house. It provide: a sales channel to publishers and ad networks and an aggregated inventory to advertisers. Ad Exchange: is also an ad network aggregate multiple...
Adsense Ad Network
Ad - Ad Network (Vendor)

An Ad network is a company representing multiple advertisers and agencies. An ad network is a company or platform where the selling and buying of advertising inventory (online ad supply) happens...
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Ad - Buyer

A buyer is a firm that represents multiple advertisers and buys ad on their behalf. Programmatically, buyers are represented by DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), which are ad systems that represent the interests...
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Ad - Buying (Purchase of an impression)

Theoretically, a DSPs (demand-side platform) buy an ad inventory from Sell Side Platforms. But an Ad Networks may buy also ad inventory from another network or from a Sell Side Platforms so they can...
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Ad - Server

An ad server is the application used to manage, run, and report on the ads life-cycle and performance. There are two types of ad servers by party: a first-party’s ad server to manage the offer (publisher...
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Ads - Client (merchant, retailer or brand)

An organization that want to sell ads in order to increase: branding or increase their revenue A client is also then an advertiser. Same as merchant ?? (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand').
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Ads - Inventory (Ad Space)

Inventory is the advertising space of a publisher. It is the space (collection of ad unit) on a website or app where ads are displayed. In most businesses, inventory refers to products for sale. But...
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Ads - Party

The parties involved in an ads transaction are considered first party and use the following technology: First-Party ad server and are considered third party and use the following...
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Ads - Remnant Inventory

Remnant inventory is the advertising space that a media company has been unable to sell. Remnant inventory is generally sale online via ad network because of its real-time delivery mode (bidding) that...
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Ads - Reseller

A reseller is an ad network that works on behalve of other party such as: an advertiser or an other network. An ad impression may be sold: directly or via a reseller. ad networkads.txt

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