Affiliate Program

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Affiliates earn a commission on each sale that was originally referred through their website.

The affiliate links that work best are those that solve a problem for the reader–e.g.,

  • where to stay near the railroad station in Venice,
  • how to find a nice three-star hotel near the Eiffel Tower,
  • or where to rent/lease a car for an extended drive around Europe.


  • An affiliate gets an affiliate link
# "/a/" could signify that this is an affiliate link 
# ''pageId'' is the id of the landing object (It can be a store or a product)
  • The affiliate share that link with the world.
  • When a customer clicks the link, their browser is “cookied” for 30 days.
  • If they buy a product within 30 days, the affiliate is credited with the sale.

Compensation methods

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) - the advertiser pays the publisher in proportion to the number of actions committed by the readers or visitors to the website
  • revenue sharing
  • pay per sale (PPS) - the advertiser pays the publisher on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement


Unique identifiers, which can be stored in cookies or included in the URL, are used to track the movement of the prospective buyer to ensure that all such sales are attributed to the advertisement in question

Third party

Example of link created


Platform to create your own affiliate program

Documentation / Reference

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