Ad - Request (to serve an ad)

1 - About

A request to display an ad (ie when a site requests ads for display). It's part of the selection and serving process

A user's web browser or mobile device loads an ad tag (on a site) or app code (app) that create/triggers an ad request send to the ad server to select and serve and ad

3 - Properties

An ad request includes:

Example of data send with a request:

  • anonymous information about the user:
    • browser,
    • location,
    • …
  • (request|targeting) information from the requester such as:
    • ad units (ad unit name, )
    • custom targeting (key-values)

4 - By Technology

4.1 - Ad Manager

It's the number of ad units that requested ads (for content ads).

More see the dedicated page: Google Ad Manager - Ad Request

4.2 - OpenRTB

5 - Documentation

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