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The parties involved in an ads transaction



Publisher (Media Company, Affiliate, Seller, Supply partner) are considered first party and use the following technology:



Ad - Advertiser and Ads - Agency are considered third party and use the following technology:


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Adsense Ad Network
Ad - Ad Network (Vendor)

An Ad network is a company representing multiple advertisers and agencies. An ad network is a company or platform where the selling and buying of advertising inventory (online ad supply) happens...
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Ad - Server

An ad server is the application used to manage, run, and report on the ads life-cycle and performance. There are two types of ad servers by party: a first-party’s ad server to manage the offer (publisher...
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Ad - Waterfalling (daisy chain or waterfall tags)

Waterfalling is a mediation technique. A publisher sell ads by making sequential price offers to ad networks for an inventory, and chooses the winner in that order. Waterfal is also known as: fallback...
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Ads - Reseller

A reseller is an ad network that works on behalve of other party such as: an advertiser or an other network. An ad impression may be sold: directly or via a reseller. ad networkads.txt
Ads Ecosystem
Ads - Topology of a transaction

Topology of a transaction party (entity) the Ad exchanges provide a sales channel to publishers and ad networks, as well as aggregated inventory to advertisers. (manages...
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is a component of marketing. The Browser contact the Ad Server with an AdTag (code snippet) - It's a little tag that defines what ads to put on the site or app. AdTag has parameters that permits...
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Advertising - Prebid library

the Prebid Config section into your website the prebidjs into a script tag ad units - Facebook Spotx...

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