Ad - Revenue Per Mile (RPM) - Viewable (RPMv)

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Revenue Per Mile (RPM) is a revenue metric that can be calculated:

whereas RPMv is the RPM for impressions that are viewable.



<MATH> \text{RPM} = \frac{Revenue}{Impressions} . 1000 </MATH> where:


<MATH> \text{RPMv} = \frac{Revenue}{Viewable Impressions} . 1000 </MATH> where:


RPM can be calculated:

  • on a session level
  • on a impression level


Impression RPM is the page revenue per thousand impressions

ie For every 1,000 ad impressions served how much revenue was made.


Session RPM is the session revenue per thousand impressions known also as EPMV

For every 1,000 ad sessions how much revenue was made.

See Ad - EPMV (Session RPM)

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