Google Ad Manager - Line Item


A page about the line item management within ad Manager


Line items get served according to their priority order.

  • Guaranteed line items have the highest priority.
  • Non-guaranteed line items get served when either a guaranteed line item isn't served or other conditions are met.

guaranteed / reserved

Guaranteed (also called reserved) line items are contractually (direct) obligated to deliver a requested number of impressions in a certain amount of time. They’re guaranteed to be served when the conditions are met.

  • Sponsorship line items to ensures the ad to gets a certain share of the page views on the site. A share of voice of 67% means that the ad will be serve two out of three times in a ad unit.
  • A standard line is a quantity-based (not percentage based as the sponsorship). With a goal of one million impressions in one month, this line item has to serve one million impressions in one month. Priority from high to low
    • 6 - a standard high (∧)
    • 8 - a standard normal (п)
    • 10 - a A standard default (∨)

Non Guaranteed

Non-guaranteed (also referred to as unreserved or remnant) line items aren’t obligated to be served, but will fill when guaranteed line items can’t or won’t serve.

They are often used for third-party demand,

For example, a guaranteed line item would defer to the non-guaranteed line item

  • if it has met its goal and is no longer eligible, .
  • if it is ahead of its delivery schedule and doesn’t need the impression to meet its goal.

Non-guaranteed line items include:

  • network (green), - Network line items may be used to traffic your ad networks and are eligible to compete directly with AdSense and ad exchange.
  • bulk (blue), - bulk line item are quantity-based and used when network line items are not eligible to serve. If the quantity is set for 3,000 impressions, the line item will stop serving once it delivers 3,000 impressions. No delivery timelines or guarantees.
  • price priority ($) - to fill the site's unsold inventory with the highest-paying line item available. This line item is commonly used to traffic line items for third-party ad networks.
  • Google (ad manager network must be enabled for them)
    • Ad exchange line items specify which inventory is available to Ad Manager's programmatic demand to allow buyers to truly compete in real time.
    • AdSense line item - Doc (both is not optimal and therefore discouraged)

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