Advertising - Direct Sales (Order, Campaign)

1 - About

direct sales is a sale made between a publisher and an advertiser.

Direct sales is also known as:

3 - Mediation

In a mediation, direct sales generally generate the most revenue and is therefore the first sale done in a classic waterfall method but with the advent of header bidding, it may be placed in second position.

4 - Pricing

Direct buys are almost always priced in fixed CPM rates, where the inventory is sold in bulk and all impressions are essentially priced the same (e.g., $10 CPM, or $10 per thousand ad views).

5 - List

You can see if an ad network is an account of the direct type in the ads.txt file.

6 - Type

6.1 - Action House

Prebid and TAM are considered direct, because they don’t handle payment.

6.2 - Programmatic

programmatic direct is a direct sales but without the human factor.

7 - Order

Example of direct ad order properties:

  • Name / Description
  • Order Type:
    • Sponsorship: Highest-ranking line item type for fixed-position and time-based campaigns
    • Standard: For impression-based campaigns
    • Price Priority: For unsold inventory.
    • House: Lowest-ranking line item type. Typically used for ads that promote products and services chosen by you.
  • Rate: Price by CPM or CPC
    • CPM: cost-per-thousand impressions. (For some line item types you can set a value CPM, which sets the value at which non-guaranteed inventory competes)
    • CPC: cost-per-click.
    • Currency
  • Goal Percent of Remaining Impressions (???)
  • Start and End Date
  • Banner Size: The Banner (inventory) sizes for the creatives you want to use. (more than one size can be used)
  • Display Creatives:
    • Only one: Show only one creative per page if multiple creatives are associated with this line item.
    • One or more (default): Allow multiple creatives associated with this line item to show.
    • As many as possible: Show creatives in as many ad units as possible on a page. Only use for line items with multiple active creatives.
  • Frequency: Controls the number of times a visitor sees the same ad over a minute, hour, day, week, month, or lifetime.
    • Number of impression per period of time (minutes, hours, day, weeks, months, lifetime)
  • Target Geographically (Country, Province, Municipality)
  • Device Targeting:
    • All Devices
    • Desktop
    • Mobile Highend
    • Mobile Midrange
    • Tablet

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