Ad - Placement


A placement is a property that groups together Ad Unit in order to facilitate targeting

It's used to group pages that share similar content.


  • Homepage ads: for all the homepages in your network if you own multiple websites.
  • category:
    • all Sports page ads.
    • Clothing and accessory
    • News
    • News only
  • for all the leaderboards on your site,
  • for all the seasonal ad spaces on your site,



When naming a placement, choose to either:

  • describe the physical location of the ad units associated with the placement (Example: leaderboard)
  • or indicate the particular section of content (example: sport content)

Above the fold

Above the fold means that the location will be seen in the browser after the page load. The user does not need to scroll down to see the ad.

It's a reference to the fold of newspaper where what you see is the browser. Example:



Advertisers find ad placements in several ways, including:

  • by listing websites where they want to advertise
  • by searching for placements that match the themes and topics they want to target.


If you target the same ads to serve on many different ad units, instead of adding all the different ad units to your targeting criteria, you can group those ad units into one placement and then just target that placement.

See Ad - Targeting

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