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A page about bidders that can participate to an auction.


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Card Puncher Data Processing
Ad - Buying (Purchase of an impression)

Theoretically, a DSPs (demand-side platform) buy an ad inventory from Sell Side Platforms. But an Ad Networks may buy also ad inventory from another network or from a Sell Side Platforms so they can...
Header Bidding Expert On Weather
Advertising - Header Bidding (Advance or Pre-bidding)

Header bidding is a mediation that consists of an auction that takes place (by default outside) of the ad server via the header of a web page. When the page loads, the header script loads before anything...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Bid (Bidding)

The advertiser that bids the higher amount with the media company wins. Bidding is a way for publishers to establish an impartial and open auction over their ad inventory by offering every ad opportunity...

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