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Ad units are the components for your inventory and represent the main sections of your content.

An ad unit is a space where ad can be delivered.

An ad unit is like a blank digital billboard that you can fill with ad creatives

When you have multiple ad slots with similar characteristics, you can use a single ad unit code for those ad slots.

The ad tag creates a ad request to show an ad supply the ad unit information


  • Placement: Ad Unit may be grouped in placement. For pages that share similar content for example, all 'Homepage' ads or all 'Sports' page ads.

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A placement is a property that groups together Ad Unit in order to facilitate targeting It's used to group pages that share similar content. Homepage ads: for all the homepages in your network...
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in Ad It's a snippet of HTML code that, when executed by a user’s browser, makes a call to Ad Manager. where: AdManager More ... Doc...
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