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An Ad network is a company representing multiple advertisers and agencies.

An ad network is a company or platform where the

of advertising inventory (online ad supply) happens between :

An Ad Network brings together an online ad supply (inventory) and resell it to advertisers who want to place online ads.

An ad networks is therefore the combination of:

An Ad Networks may buy also ad inventory from another network so they can sell it to advertisers at a profit. Ad networks want to sell more ads and if they find what they are looking for at the right price, they will pay for it.

They provide also:

  • an outsourced sales capability for publishers (ie to sell their remnant inventory)
  • a means to aggregate inventory and audiences from numerous sources in a single buying opportunity for media buyers.
  • targeting capabilities, creative generation, and optimization.

They takes care of the payments.

Ad networks' business models and practices may include features that are similar to those offered by ad exchanges.

Each ad network has several advertisers as its customers.

They may specialize:

  • in a particular vertical branch (such as beauty, auto, etc.)
  • in a specific ad format.
  • in a specific platform (Web, Mobile)




  • You can also see them for a particular website thanks to the ads.txt file.
  • If you have an adsense account, you can also manage them in the sites section.

Adsense Ad Network


The type of an ad network can be seen in the ads.txt file


A direct ad network is an advertiser


A reseller ad network works on behalve of other party such as an advertiser or an other network. More .. Ads - Reseller


A blind ad network doesn’t allow to target the exact sites on which the ads are running (The website is just a code)

You target your ads by other classification information such as:

  • category,
  • blacklist/whitelist of website by their ID.


  • Premium Ad Networks: Offer the inventory from popular publishers.
  • Vertical Ad Networks: Topic-specific networks—e.g. business ad network, technology ad network, automotive ad network, fashion ad network, etc.
  • Specialized or Inventory-Specific Ad Networks(e.g. Mobile, Video, Native): Focuses on a certain type of inventory.
  • Performance and Affiliate Ad Networks: Typically using the revenue share, CPC, or CPA pricing model.


Documentation / Reference

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