Advertising - Prebid library

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the Prebid Config section into your website
  • the prebidjs into a script tag
Add unit id
After everything is in place you can start testing by placing the ad units id’s on your pages.
A prebid server takes the load of auction out of the browser.
Prebid Universal Creative - makes it easier for publishers to configure Prebid in their ad server. The Prebid Universal Creative provides a single creative configuration that can be used across many formats, platforms, devices, and ad servers.The prebid-universal-creative is one of the most downloaded library at of the script on this page
Getting started Ad Manager

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AppNexus is: an ad exchange an Sell-Side Platform (SSP) an header bidding auction house via prebid
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direct sales is a sale made between a publisher and an advertiser. Direct sales is also known as: direct order direct campaign In a mediation, direct sales generally generate the most revenue...
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Header bidding is a mediation that consists of an auction that takes place (by default outside) of the ad server via the header of a web page. When the page loads, the header script loads before anything...

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