Advertising - Prebid library

1 - About

Prebid is a library that permits publishers to run their own auction house to sale their inventory via header bidding:

It launchs in 2015.

3 - Step by Step

3.1 - Prerequisite: Bidders selection and configuration

Bidders are third party where the publisher will sale its inventory.

They may be:

Bidders in prebid are represented by Bidder Adapters.

Therefore, you will need:

  • to decide what Bidder will be competing for your ad spots.
  • an active account in each Bidder that has a prebid.js adapter in order to send requests there.

You can find the list of bidder in the following link:

3.2 - Prebid.js

3.2.1 - Build

Create (build) a prebid.js file with the chosen list of bidders

You can do it:

3.2.2 - Configuration

Create a Prebid configuration to define:

  • the bidders,
  • ad spots
  • and server timeout

using the example from

3.2.3 - Code/Page


  • the Prebid Config section into your website <head>
  • the prebidjs into a script tag

3.2.4 - Add unit id

After everything is in place you can start testing by placing the ad units id’s on your pages.

4 - Bidder


5 - Server

A prebid server takes the load of auction out of the browser.

6 - Note

Prebid Universal Creative - makes it easier for publishers to configure Prebid in their ad server. The Prebid Universal Creative provides a single creative configuration that can be used across many formats, platforms, devices, and ad servers.

The prebid-universal-creative is one of the most downloaded library at because of the script on this page

7 - Getting started Ad Manager

8 - Documentation

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