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Native ads is a ads that takes the look of the page. It enable a single creative to be displayed in many different ways.

With traditional banner ads, the advertiser provides the actual ad itself — for example, a 300×250 rectangle image creative and a static creative. A traditional banner ad will look the same no matter where it goes on your site. It doesn’t adapt to its context at all.

With native ads, advertisers provide the elements of ads without styling such as

  • headline
  • image,
  • click-through URL,
  • and others.

The server may then insert them into many different layouts depending on

  • the type of device the ad will appear on,
  • how the content appears on the page,
  • the amount of space available,
  • and other factors.

One creative, many layouts


  • Don't really look like ads (Unlike display ads or banner ads)
  • Non-disruptive. Users benefit from a less intrusive ad experience
  • enhance the user experience
  • better chance of user interaction, increase engagement rates for advertisers, and increase yield.


Native ads are found in:

  • social media feeds (“In Feed” Ads)
  • recommended content (on a web page).
  • search & promoted listings (at the top of Google search results)


  • Suggested Post
  • Recommended For You
  • Promoted Stories
  • Sponsored (or a sponsorship credit)



In admanager, a native ad is just defined by the size element.

Documentation / Reference

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