Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

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The IAB is a association for:

  • digital advertising
  • and marketing innovation.

Data - Statistics and analyses are made available in edited form via IAB publications.

Data Driven Advertising - how data is used to serve ads to people's web browsers, where that data comes from, and how it moves through the ecosystem.

Documentation / Reference

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Devtool Inspect Element Size
Ad - Size

ad size is a property of: a creative. It defines the size of the visual a ad unit that define the creative sizes that it can received. The size can be: fixed or flexible Typical: 468×60...
Active View Metrics
Ad - Viewability

Viewability is a measure of whether an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. Active View is a proprietary ad viewability solution that implements all of the standards established by the Interactive...
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Ad - Viewable Impression

It’s important to understand that: an impression measures the delivery of an ad, whereas viewable impressions measure whether a user has seen an ad. An impression is viewable depending of the...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Cost per Click (CPC) - Pay per Click (PPC)

Each time an ad is clicked, the publisher earn income. Offers a unique advantage to bloggers who cultivate an audience that's highly engaged. This kind of pricing model is popular with ad network like...

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