Google - AdManager (Gam | Dfp )


Ad Manager (also known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)) is basically an ad server solution where publisher can manage their ads.

It has several level of functionalities

an aggregation of Sell-Side Platform (SSP) ??

Getting Started

AdManager vs AdSense

Ad Manager is:

  • is just a ad server and will not offer to show ads on its own
  • can be configured:
    • with adsense in order to show Google ads and get paid (by AdSense)
    • with internal ad and third party ad
  • gives publishers more control over when, where, and to whom ads deliver.
Ad Manager (ad server) Google AdSense (ad network)
I can traffic other ad networks or directly sold ads Yes No
I only have to tag my pages to see ads on my pages Yes, if you allow Google AdSense to show through Ad Manager Yes
I can make Google AdSense compete with other ad networks to maximize my revenue Yes No
I can have a consistent reporting among all my ad serving activities Yes No
I will be paid by Ad Manager / Google AdSense No, payments come from your advertisers or ad networks, such as Google AdSense. Yes


Developers can use the Google Ad Manager API to build applications that:



Google Publisher Tag

The Google Publisher Tag (GPT) is an ad tagging library for Google Ad Manager that can dynamically build ad requests. GPT takes key details such as ad unit name, ad size, and custom targeting, builds the request, and displays the ad on web pages.


  • Small Publisher. When creating your Ad Manager account, you're AdSense Account is automatically linked

Adsense Admanager Auto Linked

  • Medium / Big Publisher: Linked Account option is only available from a medium level. If you want to link your AdSense account with your Ad Manager account, you must enter your AdSense account information into Ad Manager and approve the request in your AdSense account.




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