Ad - Serving (and selection)

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How an ad is selected and served in order to create an impression

The selection process chooses the best ad to serve to users.



See Google Ad Manager - Delivery of ad

On another publisher website

with Passback Tag, See serve_ads_on_another_publishers_website

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Macro Creative Admanager
Ad - Creative

A Creative is the visualization part of the ad that's shown on a webpage or an app It can be: an image a video in the form of a code snippet: HTML5 Campaign Manager tags The creative is...
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Ad - Line item

A line item is a line of an order that represents an order for one ad to show (An order may have several ad) It describes a set of requirements for an ad to be selected in order to show. price...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Ad - Request (to serve an ad)

A request to display an ad (ie when a site requests ads for display). It's part of the selection and serving process A user's web browser or mobile device loads an ad tag (on a site) or app code (app)...
Ad Request Delivery Tool Google
Ad - Response

A ad response to a ad request Example snapshot of the Delivery Tool
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Ad - Server

An ad server is the application used to manage, run, and report on the ads life-cycle and performance. There are two types of ad servers by party: a first-party’s ad server to manage the offer (publisher...
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Ads - Impression

An impression is when a ad shows on a web site (property). It doesn’t take into consideration whether or not the user viewed the ad. In CPM, the total recorded count of each viewable ad's impressions...
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Advertising - Transaction (buying and selling ads)

A transaction is the buying and selling of advertising inventory (digital,... ) Ads transaction between advertisers and publishers (manually or from ad server) is done on a ad network To fulfill...
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Google - AdManager (Gam | Dfp )

Ad Manager (also known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)) is basically an ad server solution where publisher can manage their ads. It has several level of functionalities Small publisher: create...
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Google Ad Manager - Delivery of ad

The serving process of ad in Google Ad Manager The user's web browser or mobile device loads an Ad Manager ad tag (on a site) or Ad Manager ad code (in an app) and triggers an ad request, which...
Admanager Delivery Tool Ad Present Getting Started
Google Ad Manager - Delivery tool (Ad Serving Diagnostic)

With Google Ad Manager's Delivery Tools, you can : diagnose delivery of an unexpected line item discover the source of an unknown creative in your web, mobile app, or in-stream video content. run...

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