Ad - Auction

1 - About

An auction is where the bidding is taking place.

3 - Illustration

4 - Properties

4.1 - Timeout

Timeouts is the time spend to wait for a response before showing an ad.

A timeout let publishers balance experience and revenue, deciding exactly how long (500 milliseconds? One second?) they can wait for bid responses.

4.2 - Mediating

  • mediating return only the top bid to the ad server.
  • non-mediating return all bids to the ad server that decides which bids win

only for header bidding ??

5 - Location

Auctions in offsite servers run faster than auctions that run client side, for instance, in a mobile web browser such as for header bidding.

6 - Price

  • in a first-price auction, the highest bidder wins.
  • in a Second-Price Auction – if your bid wins, you pay $0.01 above the second highest bid in the auction.

7 - House

An house is where the bidding takes place.

7.1 - Header Bidding

7.2 - Ad Exchange

8 - Documentation

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