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An auction is where the bidding is taking place.


Ads Auction




Timeouts is the time spend to wait for a response before showing an ad.

A timeout let publishers balance experience and revenue, deciding exactly how long (500 milliseconds? One second?) they can wait for bid responses.


  • mediating return only the top bid to the ad server.
  • non-mediating return all bids to the ad server that decides which bids win

only for header bidding ??


Auctions in offsite servers run faster than auctions that run client side, for instance, in a mobile web browser such as for header bidding.


  • in a first-price auction, the highest bidder wins.
  • in a Second-Price Auction – if your bid wins, you pay 0.01 above the second highest bid in the auction.


An house is where the bidding takes place.

Header Bidding

See header bidding auction house

Ad Exchange

See Ad - Ad Exchange


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