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Ads Auction
Ad - Auction

An auction is where the bidding is taking place. where: Timeouts is the time spend to wait for a response before showing an ad. A timeout let publishers balance experience and revenue,...
Ad Slot
Ad - Slot

The physical location of an ad unit on a page is called a slot. The best location are a balance between user experience and revenue (ie where the user will expect the ads) The tracking of attention via...
Web HTTP - 404 Error (Resource not found)

The 404 error is a error (4xx) return status of a request that means that the client has asked a resource that was not found (equivalent to a file not found for a file system). This is the most common...
Page Loading Key Moment
Web Page - Painting

Painting is the last step of the rendering phase for a page load. This phase takes the box model tree created during the layout rendering phase and positions each pixels accordingly to the screen. ...

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