Application - Interface definition language (IDL)

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An interface definition language is a language to describe Interface.

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Data Type - Interface (Abstract Type)

An interface is language construct that permits to define an abstract types (ADT). The interface element are public (not private) The two terms are often interchangeable. An ADT means an interface and...
HTTP - Web (IDL|Interface definition language)

Web IDL is an interface definition language for the web specifications. It's meant to be used to describe interfaces that are intended to be implemented in web browsers to ensure conforming implementations...
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Language - Binding (IPC)

Binding / Talking method between language. Generally, service communication uses a REST approach with HTTP and TCP protocols and XML or JSON as the serialization format. From an interface perspective,...
Process States
Network - Remote procedure call (RPC)

RPC is a process communication method (IPC). An RPC is initiated by the client, which sends a request message to a known remote server to execute a specified procedure with supplied parameters. The...

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