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Any method that helps locating a resource.

see What is a URI (Uniform resource identifier)?

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CSS - Addessing model (through selector and properties)

CSS CSS addressing model. Selectors and properties allow style sheets to refer to the following parts of a document or user agent: Elements in the document tree and certain relationships between...
Data Storage - Logical Block Addressing (LBA)

Logical block addressing (LBA) is a common scheme used for specifying the location of blocks of data stored on computer storage devices, generally secondary storage systems such as hard disks. LBA has...
Map Of Internet 1973
Ethernet - Frame

A frame or packet frame is the data unit of ethernet that is transmitted between network points with: addressing and necessary protocol control information. A frame is usually transmitted serial...
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Memory - Address Space

The range of memory that can be addressed is called an address space. It is the total number of uniquely-addressable memory locations Same as in memory. ? The whole set of physical address...
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Memory - Physical Address

in computer memory Same as ?? OSvirtual address When storing and retrieving data from memory, an offset is used to determine the location in which the data is stored. This is fixed-length sequences...
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S42 International Addressing Standard

The S42 mailing address standard was developed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in an effort to benefit both the postal services for individual countries, as well as international business mailers....
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Virtual Memory - Address Space

The virtual address space is the total number of uniquely-addressable memory locations that the virtual memory gives to a process. This is virtual memory (logical memory), not the amount of physical memory....
Packet Structure Dns Query
What is IP Packet?

ip packet is the name of a data unit for the network layer (level 3 of the OSI model) (ie IP). packet TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known as segment: which is carried in one or more IP packets by the...

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