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Card Puncher Data Processing
Ad - Compensation (Pricing Model)

Pricing model in Ad. Cost per click (CPC) and Cost per mille (CPM) dominate the advertising models. Pricing model Emphasis For sites oriented Risk CPC response contextual ad, user profiling such...
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Ad - Run of Network (RON)

Run on Network (RON) is a ad targeting criteria that allows an ad to run on all ad unit (sites) in a ad network. Run on Site targeting criteriaRun on Network where the drive for the campaign is...
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Ads - Agency

An agency is an organization that manages ad accounts for clients. It's an organization that, on behalf of clients, plans marketing and advertising campaigns, drafts and produces advertisements, places...
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Ads - Client (merchant, retailer or brand)

An organization that want to sell ads in order to increase: branding or increase their revenue A client is also then an advertiser. Same as merchant ?? (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand').
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Advertising - Cost per mille (CPM|eCPM)

Cost Per Mille (CPM) is a pricing model. It's is the advertising cost per thousand impressions viewed. It's derived from the Latin word mille which means one thousand. It’s the value of an individual...
Card Puncher Data Processing
UI - Branding

Branding in UI regroups the logon, slogan and short text that refers to your company or product. They are one of the most important piece of UI and therefore should be placed on the left side of the page...

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