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Contextual ad are ad that are relevant to the interest of the person.

It works well for search engines because it is more likely to get a click as a result because it is .

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Ad - Compensation (Pricing Model)

Pricing model in Ad. Cost per click (CPC) and Cost per mille (CPM) dominate the advertising models. Pricing model Emphasis For sites oriented Risk CPC response contextual ad, user profiling such...
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Ad targeting is the process of placing ad where they are the most relevant. Website Location : Run on all sites in the ad network : Target specific domains/publishers in the ad network ad...
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Page ad Showing an ad is called an impression and it is what a publisher sells in order to generate a revenue. Ogilvy on Advertising The location of an ads is called a slot Ad Space or Advertising...
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Advertising - Cost per mille (CPM|eCPM)

Cost Per Mille (CPM) is a pricing model. It's is the advertising cost per thousand impressions viewed. It's derived from the Latin word mille which means one thousand. It’s the value of an individual...
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Publisher (Media Company, Affiliate, Seller, Supply partner)

A person or company that makes content (inventory) available for consumption. Tobias Rose-Stockwell - This Is How Your Fear and Outrage...
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are the web pages served to users by a search engine. The Url seen in the page is the canonical url There is basically two kind of content on the search result page: paid ads: at the top or at...

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