Passback Tag

1 - About

passback tag

Passback tags are used when:

  • a third-party server doesn't have an ad to serve
  • or an ad doesn't meet the minimum CPM/floor price agreed upon with the third party.

In these cases, the third-party server instead serves a GPT passback tag, which returns a house ad or other remnant ad from your own Ad Manager network.

Can be used to serve serve ads on another publishers website

3 - Example

passback tags must be rendered inside an iframe to prevent them from inheriting page-level settings from any other GPT instance active on the publisher's website.

From live Demo

<script async src=""></script>
<div id="gpt-passback">
    window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []};
    googletag.cmd.push(function() {
        googletag.defineSlot('/6355419/Travel/Europe', [728, 90], 'gpt-passback')

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