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A campaign is a series of operations designed to reach a goal.

Campaigns are marketing workflow that search to engage with the user

See Marketing - Automation (Campaign Automation)

If you:

  • see a billboard,
  • scroll past a sponsored Instagram post,
  • receive a email

all promoting the same product … you are witnessing a marketing campaign.

DSP execute campaigns.



After processing of an Activity Feed (Data from Purchase, Navigation, …)

  • Targeted campaign - target contacts who made certain purchases. Segmentation lets you view and send to customers based on what they order, when they order, how much they spend, and other criteria.
  • Promote best-selling products or special offers.
  • Order Notifications: automation to send order notifications like receipts, shipping confirmations, and more.
  • Product retargeting email: to remind visitors about an item they viewed on your site. Sort of a follow up email that can include custom links and product recommendations.
  • Google Remarketing Ads - Google remarketing ads are a form of web retargeting that shows ads to people who've visited your website or landing page.
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Product Recommendation
  • Purchase Activity Segmentation


via What are the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) known as Campaign Parameters?

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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