Marketing analytics - Action (Interaction | Response | Behavior )

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Marketing analytics - Action (Interaction | Response | Behavior )


UI - Action (Interaction | Event ) in Marketing

The more action, the more engagement.




The number of web site clicks in an hour follows a poisson process

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Analytics - Segment

A set of users who share one or more similar attributes. It divide your contacts into meaningful groups, so you can carry out more effective marketing. For example, you could create a segment with all...
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Opening an email is an user action that shows engagement and is one of the email metrics. The opened email are tracked with a invisible one-pixel image. Ie when the email loads images, a HTTP get...
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Process - Poisson Process

The Poisson process is a stochastic process in which events occur: continuously independently (of the time since the last event) - (ie random) at a constant / known average rate in a fixed interval...
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User Analytics - Engagement

engagement is a metric based the number of action and/or the time spend with a product. Sharing a post to a community three times a week should see more engagement. On a forum, an engagement...
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User Analytics - Session (Visit)

A session on a analytical level is a group of user interactions that take place within a given time frame. A single session can contain multiple: page views, events, social interactions, and...

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