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Metrics in the user analytics context.

This metrics may be completed with the advertisement metric if you are showing ads.




  • PageView - The total number of pages viewed for the time period.
  • Session (Visit) - The number of visit
  • Average Visit Duration: The average amount of time a visitor stays on the site.


  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of users that leave the site immediately after beginning the visit.
  • Average Engaged Time - The total amount of time that a user engages with a page.
  • Engaged Page View - The number of pageviews where the user interacted with the page for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Engagement Rate - The average number of engaged pageviews for each pageview.
  • Average Engaged Time by Visit: The total amount of time that a user engages with pages during a visit.
  • Days since last visit (The number of days that have passed since the user visited the site) - Return Visitor Frequency report
  • New Vs Returning
  • Exits - The percentage that users exit your site from the given page (% exits=exits/pageviews).
  • Visit Depth - Visit depth represents the number of pages visitors viewed during a visit.
  • Content Viewed Percent - The total percentages of the content on the screen (vertically) that the user has viewed.




Category / Dimensions

  • Content Age (Weeks)
  • Category - The category of your website to which the article belongs.
  • Landing Pages - The page that visitors arrived to your site on.
  • Exit Pages - The page where visitors exited your site.
  • Published Date - The data of publication
  • Authors - The authors of the article
  • Pages - The page visited by the user.
  • Word Count - The total number of words a page on the site contains.
  • Document Height - The height of the page's document.


  • Country
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Browser
  • Age
  • Connection type (slow, fast)
  • Device Size (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Service Provider
  • Traffic Source (Search, Social, …)
  • Utm Source (where was the user before coming to the site)
  • Weather …


  • Day
  • Day of Weeks

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