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A set of users who share one or more similar attributes.

It divide your contacts into meaningful groups, so you can carry out more effective marketing.

For example, you could create a segment with all contacts from San Francisco.

By Age

  • Actief segment
    • got an action in the last six months
  • Inactief segment
    • called sleepers
    • no action in the last six months and a year and a half
    • you may wake up them with a email offer
  • Zombies
    • without action longer than a year and a half
    • in average 40% of all users,
    • last email to ask if they still want to be on the newsletters if no reaction unsubscribe

Another example of e-commerce segments by age:

  • Potential Customers: Contacts who haven't made a purchase from your store.
  • Recent Customers: Contacts who have purchased in the past 30 days.
  • First-time Customers: Contacts who have recently made their first purchase.
  • Repeat Customers: Contacts who have placed at least two orders from your store.
  • Lapsed Customers: Customers who haven't purchased in the past eight months.


Customer Segment


  • contacts that meet a segment's criteria will automatically enter it;
  • contacts that no longer meet a segment's criteria will automatically leave it.

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