(Web|Mobile) Analytics - User (Visitor Identity)

1 - About

A website/product visitor

See Ad - Consumer (Customer, Visitor)

3 - Identity

4 - Identification

Logical Data Modeling - Identification

Users can be identified with one of the following ways:

5 - MUV

Website size is generally determined by the MUV (Monthly Unique Visitor)

  • < 99K UVs
  • 100K - 250K UVs
  • 251K - 500K UVs
  • 501K - 750K UVs
  • > 750K UVs

6 - Tool

7 - Table example

7.1 - Segment

The identifies table holds all user data.

Column Description
Anonymous_id The anonymous ID of the user
user_id The unique ID of the user
context_<key> Non-user-related context fields sent with each page or screen call - Google Analytics - Browsing Context (URL, screen, ...)
id he unique ID of the identify call itself
received_at When the page or screen call was received
sent_at When the page or screen call was triggered by the user
<trait> Each trait of the user you record is created as it’s own column, and the column type is automatically inferred from your data. For example, you might have columns like email and first_name.


  • number of unique users by each day:
SELECT DATE(sent_at) AS Day, COUNT(DISTINCT(user_id)) AS Users
FROM <source>.identifies

8 - Documentation / Reference

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