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A Page is the content that is shown to the user. The definition may vary greatly and is measured by the pageview metric.

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(Web|Mobile) Analytics - Dimension / Metrics

Metrics in the user analytics context. advertisement metric PageView - The total number of pages viewed for the time period. Session (Visit) - The number of visit Average Visit Duration:...
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Ad - Request (to serve an ad)

A request to display an ad (ie when a site requests ads for display). It's part of the selection and serving process A user's web browser or mobile device loads an ad tag (on a site) or app code (app)...
Page Load - Time To Interactive (TTI)

Time To Interactive (TTI) is a time metric of page load that measure the time that has passed until the visitor can interact with the page. It defines: how soon is the app usable & engagable when...
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Web Analytics - (Page) Word Count

Word Count is a metric that shows the total number of words a page and is a size definition. The more word, the bigger the page. Example of words threshold < 400 Between 400 and 800 Between 800...

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